FINANCIAL TIMES: NFTs Double Down On The Weirdness With ‘Phygital’ Trend

Experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than material goods. We can be passionate about our material possessions. We can believe that our identity is connected to material things, even if they are made of computer code, but they remain separate from us. Experiences are a part of us. We are the sum of our experiences. Investing in experiences results in more joy, allowing us to build community, and deepen relationships.

Momentum Worldwide believes web3 is the “experience Web”. The metaverse is about “experience,” and at the heart of the metaverse experience is the friction between identity and personality. NFTs can help to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital while enabling economics. NFTs connect and document the relationship between material goods, possessions, experiences, personality, and identity.

Jason Alan Snyder, Global CTO, says ‘As we join digital and physical material goods, we continue to invest in experiences. Together these become the fabric of our identity and personality’.

Chris Weil, Chairman & CEO, says ‘The future continues to be Phygital’. A term coined by him over a decade ago.

Read more in this article published in the Financial Times.

(Source: Financial Times)