As a global business, we know that the decisions we make today will decide the world we live in tomorrow.

Everything we make,

Every idea,

Every pitch,

Every design,

Every build,

Every vendor,

Every piece of technology,

Every decision is a chance

to make a cleaner, smarter,

more sustainable future.

Every choice is a chance

to make a difference.

To change the world.

To make it matter.

That's why we're excited to announce our Make it Matter plan for climate action.

Momentum is already known for pushing the boundaries of creativity. Moving forward, we want to be known for doing the same for sustainability, with people and the planet at the forefront. To accomplish this, we're focusing our objectives on where we can make the biggest impact.

We will become trailblazers in sustainable innovation.

We will use resources efficiently and design waste out from the beginning.

We will innovate off-the-shelf assets and reuse and repurpose for as long as possible.

We will reduce our footprint by thinking smarter and planning effectively.

We will eliminate problematic materials.

We will collaborate with our vendors to find creative solutions to our challenges.

We will work with our clients to showcase sustainable alternatives.

We will give back. There's a long way to go. And the real work starts now.

Let's make it matter.

ISO Certification

Make it Matter has been third-party certified to the standards of ISO 14001 and ISO 20121, globally recognized as best practice for environmental management.

We're excited to live up to the rigorous structure of these standards by embedding them into our operations from the ground up, influencing not only what we do but how we do it.

Case Studies

We're proud to say that we've already taken steps toward a circular economy. These case studies share how we have been learning and growing to ensure that our work is as sustainable as possible.

If you have any questions about how we Make it Matter, connect with our Global Sustainability Director, Selina Donald, at selina.donald@