We Turn NFTS Into NF-Frees

NFTs turn art into a commodity. Which is the opposite of what Corona is about— spreading inspiration, joy and happiness.

So instead of creating the next NFT, we created the anti-NFT. The NF-FREE—FREE digital art designed to be enjoyed by all, not sold.

Our NF-FREEs were created by a renowned artist, Bryce Wong – just like NFTs.

They were procedurally generated creating over 1,000,000 unique versions — just like NFTs.

They were minted — just like NFTs. But unlike NFTs, ours were FREE.

FREE for people to do anything they wanted

— anything except sell them on a crypto market.



Impressions at the Managed Bar Nights


Total Number of Samples at Managed Bar Nights


Total Number of NF-FREEs Claimed