We Changed The Game With Jimmy Fallon

Second Screen experiences are designed to bring new viewers to a live show.

But the effect is often the opposite. They pull viewers into the virtual world and away from the broadcast

So when Jimmy Fallon and the tonight show asked us to create a Fortnite experience, we flipped the script

And made a second screen experience that actually pulls people into the first screen.

So we created the first Tonight Show episode you could watch in the real world

And play in the virtual one—at the same time.

We built a virtual replica of 30 Rockefeller Center and Jimmy’s Studio, and filled them with games

Then the show built real versions of those games in the real 30 Rock.

So when The Tonight Show aired, 500,000 new Fallon viewers watched, and played along with Jimmy.

Then they stayed and played for an unprecedented 2 Million minutes.

And the oldest show in the game, changed the game forever.



Fortnite Players/Fallon Viewers

2.5 Million

Minutes Played

350 Million

Media Impressions

12.9 Million

Twitch Viewers

10.9 Million

Organic Social Impressions