MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH: Q&A With Kerri Horowitz, Associate Director of People Operations, US

Kerri Horowitz, Associate Director of People Operations, US, at Momentum Worldwide shares her perspective on mental wellbeing in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Tell us a bit about yourself – your role at Momentum and your experience of working on wellbeing initiatives 

I’m an Associate Director of People Operations here at Momentum, which means I’m all about taking care of our employees. From making sure everyone has a great onboarding experience to promoting our amazing benefits, I’m passionate about creating a healthy workplace where everyone can thrive. That includes providing resources for mental health and wellness, both for individuals and for managers who want to support their teams.

How do you prioritise your own mental wellbeing? 

I try to keep my mental health in check by doing things that make me happy! It could be something as simple as taking a walk with my dogs or catching up with friends and family. I also enjoy gardening and taking naps when I can squeeze them in! By prioritizing these activities, I’m able to manage stress and stay cool, calm and collected.


How can we support ourselves or others if we notice warning signs?

Noticing warning signs is crucial when it comes to mental health. It can impact various aspects of our lives, including sleeping patterns, concentration, mood and overall productivity. In the workplace, it can lead to an increase in sick time, reduced output and poor decision-making. If you notice warning signs in yourself or others, it’s important to approach the situation with care. Don’t try to diagnose or stigmatize the individual, but instead, have an open dialogue, create a safe space and offer support. 


What can companies do to support employee wellbeing? 

We support our employees with multiple resources and avenues of support. We partner with EAP programs such as CCA@yourservice, and mental health services such as Myndup (UK), Headspace and Self Care. We partner with these companies and share resources to help benefit our employees. Within our purpose-driven strategy to Make it Matter, a core pillar is Making Wellness Matter with the purpose of including wellbeing in our everyday culture and values. 

Companies can support employee wellbeing by prioritizing mental health and creating a culture of wellness. This can include offering mental health resources, such as EAP programs and therapy services, providing flexible work arrangements to support work-life balance, promoting regular physical activity and encouraging employees to take vacation while speaking openly about mental health. It’s important for companies to create a safe and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable seeking help and prioritizing their mental health. By doing so, companies can not only support the wellbeing of their employees but also improve productivity, engagement and overall organizational success.


Finally, what is your one tip to share on improving your mental wellbeing? i.e., step away from the computer and go for a walk etc

One tip for improving your mental wellbeing is to find a hobby or activity that brings you joy and make time for it regularly. Whether it’s reading a book, going for a walk or trying a new recipe, incorporating something enjoyable and solely for yourself can help reduce stress and improve overall mood. It’s important to have something to look forward to outside of work and to prioritize your own happiness.