Last year we published our 2022 trends after taking a pause in 2021 to gather ourselves, along with the rest of the world. Quite honestly, we wondered if making predictions for the upcoming year was something that should be avoided at all costs. Still, as 2021 trudged on, with its highs and its lows, we began to see glimmers of what life used to be B.C.—”Before COVID”—and what it could be P.C.—”Post COVID.” And so, we rolled up our sleeves and put our futurist skills to use, highlighting the importance of community and, comfort, the rise of the metaverse, low- and no-alcohol beverages and more for 2022. We moved forward and you did, too.

Now, as we look to 2023 and set aside the economic uncertainty and political tension our world is facing, we take comfort in our predictions for the upcoming year. The 10 we’ve chosen on the following pages are all unique, yet similar, with an underlying mission to improve, repair or advance. The beauty of these trends is that they pertain to a variety of topics ranging from the environment to technology to businesses and, most importantly, one’s self.

And so, this year’s Little Book of Trends is dedicated to all of you. All of you who have been patient, paid attention, moved forward and kept doing great work wherever your passion lies. We predict 2023 will be your year.

Be well and stay curious.

Check out our Little Book of Trends 2023 here.