Q&A with Marcus Gilmore on Black History Month

Marcus Gilmore, Assoc. Experiential Producer NA, and part of the Be One Committee at Momentum Worldwide, talks to us about Black History Month and driving D,E&I…

What does Black History Month mean to you?
Black History Month means more to me now than it did when I was younger.  Today, I recognize the importance of celebrating the black innovators and trailblazers that make up the culture. I make it a point to constantly learn my history year-round, instead of just during the month of February.

How is Momentum helping to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace?
Since being at Momentum, I have seen its evolution in growing its diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. I am thankfully a product of one of those initiatives. Momentum’s involvement in the Verizon adfellows program is what landed me here more than two years ago. Momentum has provided a safe space where minority employees can share our culture with our colleagues. As a former general member, and now part of the Be One Committee (our D,E&I initiative), I have had the opportunity to work with my colleagues to create Black History Month programming with the support of leadership. Momentum has also rolled out specific KPIs regarding D,E&I to make sure that every employee is being held accountable to create a more inclusive organization—from entry-level employees all the way to C-suite executives.

Which black role models or mentors have influenced you in your life or career?
I start with my father! He is my role model and my North Star as a man. I learn from his greatest strengths, his weaknesses, his wins and losses. He continues to not only father me but coach me as well. I also want to acknowledge my mentor, Ed Brown, who introduced me to the media industry at the age of 10. His teachings are the reason that I have continued to excel in my career.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Be more curious, ask more questions and stick to your plan. As I look back over my career, I realize there were times I didn’t ask a question or assumed information. I have learned that by constantly asking questions, you will eventually find the right answer. I would also tell my younger self to stick to your plan. In life we get distracted and can be tempted to look over into someone else’s lane, not fully focusing on ours. Once you look up and look over, you lose track of the goal and vision that has been set for you.