We Turn Sandwiches Into Sports Memorabilia

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Subway Signature Sandwiches are an institution. That really needed a refresh.

So, we made them a part of the cultural conversation, by taking them to the Super Bowl.

And turned them into actual Signature Sandwiches.

We developed a special edible ink pen.

And had 3 of the biggest NFL stars sign their very own sandwiches for fans.

YES, on the actual bread.

We built a giant bank vault to keep them safe.

And when the door opened, the autographs began for millions of rabid fans.

Which led to the question…

Most people ate them.

But some came up with creative ways to save them.

A few ended up on eBay, where a sandwich went for $50. That’s right , $50.

And just like that, a whole new collectible market was born.


43 Million


830 Million

Media impressions.

And a $50 sandwich sold on eBay.