CAMPAIGN: Consumers Are Hungry For Live Events. Here’s How Brands Should Respond

People’s expectations for live experiences have shifted from “social” to “emotional” as a year of social distancing took a toll.

Chris Weil, Chairman & CEO at Momentum Worldwide, calls out top insights from our #WEKNOWReturnToLiveEvents research in this article published by Campaign.

“Do it for the gram” is old news! Chris shares that “If you think about so many of the experiences prior to [the pandemic], it was all about the easy ways to get Insta traps, it was about creating a moment where people are bragging and have the swagger about where they are and what they’re doing.

Now it’s about ‘I’ve been with my small group for so long. I have been isolated for so long. I want to go back out into the world and be [with] people.’”

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(Source: Campaign)